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$15 Drop In

$10 Class Punch Card ( 10 classes $100) 

Can be shared with a friend and expires in 90 Days 

Student Discount Offerred $10 Drop In

Fire Yoga

This class will build heat in your practice using infrared heaters along with a vigorous vinyasa flow to increase detoxification, challenge the body and mind and calm the heart....level II practice.​

Mindful Yoga

 A calming yet challenging practice.   Attention to alignment and mindful movements as well as breath......a great class for beginners, all levels, all bodies, all hearts.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This class is a breath-centered flowing class that will raise the heat, rejuvenate, and heal your body while soothing your mind. Each sequence has a peak pose, challenge, and relaxation to revamp your spirit! With mindful movement and pranayama this practice becomes a moving meditation.

Hatha Yoga

This practice is a gentle approach to asanas ( yoga postures) and the pranayama ( breathing exercises) which help bring peace and mindfulness preparing the body for a deeper spiritual practice such as meditation.

Yoga Flow

A full body Vinyasa Flow Class!  Experience the connection between mind, breath and body awareness as we build heat through Asana practice and transitions.  Join us as we honor the potential of the human form and explore the possibilities of our Yoga practice.  All skill levels!